PURITO - Vitamin C Serum 60ml

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Marrying extracts from red ginseng, white flower complex as well as hyaluronic and ascorbic acid, this cruelty-free serum helps to improve appearance of wrinkles with skin brightening benefits.



  • A whitening serum infused with of vitamin C solution, hyaluronic acid solution, and other naturally-derived ingredients, helping improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines effectively.


  • Helps brighten dull complexion.


  • Helps improve wrinkles and complexion while reducing the appearance of dark circles and acne scars.


  • Vitamin E, Ginseng Root Extract, and Curcuma Longa Root Extract improve the skin elasticity and help reduce wrinkles.


  • Free from paraben, ethanol, surfactant, artificial colorant and fragrance, triethanolamine, phthalein, triclosan, petrochemicals, and benzoyl peroxide.


  • Formulated with natural fading-protecting agents that prevent rapid oxidation and packaged in a dark brown bottle to provide the ingredients with maximum protection from sunlight, we have improved the stability of this product.