Modern Shadow Glitter Prism (Blue Hole Prism) (2g) – The Beauty Corp.

by Missha

Modern Shadow Glitter Prism (Blue Hole Prism) (2g)

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MISSHA Modern Shadow Glitter Prism is an otherworldly, holographic glitter eye shadow infused with a variety of iridescent, prismatic, and metallic glitters for its dazzling galactic shine.

MISSHA Modern Shadow Glitter Prism (Blue Hole Prism) (2g)
MISSHA Modern Shadow Glitter Prism (Blue Hole Prism) (2g)
Color: Blue Hole Prism
Weight: 2g

1. Pros

  • Hand made eyeshadow with Granule Glitter with highest quality and glittering shine.
  • Most glittering shine with Prism Jewel Complex.
  • Great adherence and silky smooth texture.

2. Concept

What is "Granule Glitter"?

Granule Glitter is formulated by first, making 'Dot Granule" separately by infusing a variety of glitter pearls into highly-reflective oil for its prismatic, galactic shine, and then combing these Dot Granules manually into powder to get ready for the hand-pressing.

Why Hand-Made?

To minimize and protect glitter pearls from being damaged when automatically pressed by a machine -> A secret to Glitter PRISM's otherwordly glitter shine.

  • Hand Made Eye Shadow:
    • A premium glitter eyeshadow with special "Granule Glitters" that is manually combined and pressed to offer the highest quality, premium shine.

    • 20% More! Otherwordly Glitter Shine:
      • Infused with *Prism Jewel Complex together with a variety of holographic glitter pearls to give off its jewel-crusted, otherwordly, galactic shine
      • * A complex of diamond/saphire/amethyst/ruby/pearl powder. 
    • Silky-Smooth Texture:
      • Contains silicone gel for its silky smooth texture with advanced adherence for even and smooth application.



      3. Color

    MISSHA Modern Shadow Glitter Prism Color Chart4. Directions
    * Product used below: #kitten prism
    • This bouncy texture is applied best when using fingers.
    • Using a sponge tip brush, apply the shadow following under eyelines.
    • TIP:
      • Tissue off or powder down the excess oil around the eyes for longer-lasting color.