MEDI-PEEL Bio Intense Gluthione White Ampoule 30ml

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 : Put the whitening ingredient, glutathione in an ampoule bottle!

 : The secret of milky skin that becomes white and transparent without makeup.

 : A whitening ampoule that contains 600mg of glutathione to brighten dark and dull skin tone.

 : Niacinamide and whitening complex, the whitening-specific ingredients complete bright skin and clear skin.

 : 10 vital vitamin complexes for skin health

 : Medi-Peel's 5 concentrated peptides provide smooth elasticity and healthy skin.

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–¶ How to use

 : In the morning and evening, before putting Serum, pump 1-2 times and spread on the forehead, cheeks, cheeks, and chin.

* Use your palm to press down on your entire face to enhance absorption.