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MEDIHEAL Mogongtox Soda Bubble Sheet mask

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This unique bubble mask sheet specializes in deeply cleansing the pores, making them appear tighter and leave the skin brighter. With a rich formulation of herbal extracts and carbonated water, this mask foams up by itself to create microbubbles that will help treat your pores efficiently

This bubbling action also serves as a mild facial massage to soften up accumulated dirt in order for it to be easily washed away. It also offers a gentle peeling technology that eliminates dead skin cells to reveal brighter and clearer skin immediately after use.

Wash off bubble sheet mask that you can easily use to deep clean pores, blackheads and exfoliate your skin!

How to use
1. After wash and dry your face, wear the sheet
with proper positioning of nose and lips area.
(Please do it immediately after unpack the pouch.)
2. Take off the sheet when Carbonated bubble
comes up fully, for 10 minutes.
3. Massage your face with bubble residues
and wash off with lukewarm water cleanly.
* Sting on face caused by effect of Carbonated bubble,
which is the process of cleaning wastes in pores.