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Keep.It.Clean Blender Cleansing Mitt. Brush Cleaner

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What it is:
A travel-friendly kit that makes it easy to clean your beautyblender or brushes.

What it does:
Say goodbye to dirty blenders and brushes and hello to your new cleansing routine. The cleansing kit allows you to choose your favorite cleansing method for the ultimate clean. The easy-to-use mitt allows you to clean a blender or even two in the palm of your hand.

This set contains:
- Pink textured cleansing mit
- Mini blendercleanser® solid
- liquid blendercleanser® packette

What it is formulated WITHOUT:
- Parabens
- Sulfates
- Phthalates

How to use:
-The cleansing mitt is designed to be held multiple ways. Slide your fingers through the loops of the cleansing mitt (nibs facing up), to turn the palm of your hand into a cleansing surface.

To cleanse:
-Wet beautyblenders or makeup brushes.
-Create a lather by rubbing them over the blendercleanser.
-Gently bounce blenders or glide makeup brushes in a circular motion on the cleansing mitt.
-Rinse to remove excess cleanser and water.
-Dry and store after each use.