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Hyaluronic Acid Toner Plus 200ml

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Product Details:

Experience the ultimate hydration boost with our Hyaluronic Acid Toner Plus, a skin-loving solution crafted to replenish and revitalize your complexion. Formulated with a potent blend of hyaluronic acid and additional nourishing ingredients, this toner is designed to quench your skin's thirst, leaving it plump, radiant, and ready for the next steps in your skincare routine.

Bullet Points:

  • Intensive Hydration: Infused with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid, this toner delivers deep and long-lasting hydration, helping to restore and maintain the skin's moisture balance.

  • Triple Hyaluronic Acid Complex: Our unique formulation includes a triple hyaluronic acid complex, combining various molecular weights to penetrate different layers of the skin, ensuring optimal hydration from the surface to the deeper layers.

  • Nourishing Botanical Extracts: Enriched with botanical extracts such as chamomile and aloe vera, the toner soothes and nourishes the skin, providing a calming and refreshing sensation.

  • 200ml Size: The generous 200ml size ensures an ample supply of this hydrating toner, allowing for extended use and promoting a consistent part of your daily skincare routine.

  • Prepares Skin for Absorption: The toner primes the skin, creating the perfect canvas for subsequent skincare products to be more effectively absorbed, enhancing their overall efficacy.

  • Lightweight and Non-Sticky: The toner has a lightweight, non-sticky texture, making it comfortable for daily use and suitable for all skin types, including oily and combination skin.

  • pH-Balanced Formula: With a pH-balanced formula, the toner helps maintain the skin's natural pH level, contributing to a healthy and balanced complexion.

  • Suitable for Day and Night Use: Incorporate this hydrating toner into both your morning and evening skincare routines for round-the-clock hydration and skincare benefits.

  • Free from Parabens and Fragrances: Our Hyaluronic Acid Toner Plus is formulated without parabens and fragrances, reflecting our commitment to clean and skin-friendly ingredients.