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Apple seed cleansing tissue 15ea

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1. Gentle and clean removal of makeup and impurities
Cleansing oil contained in tissue gently and cleanly removes impurities inside and outside the pores.

2. Refreshing and moist finish with apple extract
Non-sticky, refreshing and moist cleansing with apple extract.

3. Gentle cleansing with apple seed oil
Apple seed oil, rich in moisture and nutrients. gently cleanses your face.
Which part of the apple has a lot of benefits?

1. The apple, with its different benefits on the inside and outside, cleanly and healthily takes care of the inner and outer skin!
Which part of the apple has a lot of benefits for your skin? The apple consists of different elements on the inside and outside! The secret of healthily cleansing skin lies in the inside and outside of the apple. Meet this more powerful and newer Apple Seed Cleansing Line formulated with apple seeds and peels that take care of the inner and outer skin

2. Effective Cleansing with apple extract rich in vitamins and organic acid
The peel on the apple's exterior contains richer vitamins and organic acid than the flesh in order to protect it.
The apple extract, including peel, treats the flaking dead skin cells and opens the pores to help effectively eliminate embedded impurities.

3. Healthy and elastic skin with apple seed oil containing unsaturated fatty acid
The seeds on the apple's inside contain boundless energy to produce roots, stems and plump fruits. Freshly cold-pressed apple seed oil that is rich in unsaturated fatty acids keeps sensitive skin after cleansing feeling moisturized, healthy, and firmed.
        HOW TO USE
Open the sticker section, pluck out each tissue, and gently wipe off makeup and impurities while working along skin's texture.
Especially when wiping the eye area, close your eyes and more gently wipe. Be careful not to get the content into the eyes.