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Anti Frizz Shampoo (300ml)

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Cadiveu Professional Brasil Cacau Anti Frizz Shampoo is a mild shampoo containing keratin. This gentle formula cleans hair without damaging it. It regenerates inner and outer hair strands, promoting a smoother and more glossy look while reducing frizz. A popular choice for those who have had a keratin treatment, it extends the lifespan of the treatment and preserves the life of it. The shampoo is also suitable for those who have not had any treatment as it will act the same way by limiting frizz and increasing shine.
  • Anti-frizz shampoo that gently cleanses hair and provides a healthy gloss
  • Gentle formula infused with keratin, cocoa and D-panthenol to provide a uniform structure to hair
  • Daily use shampoo makes hair silky, glossy and manageable
  • Reduces static and frizz, while making hair easy to style
  • Ideal for keratin-treated hair, and coarse, unruly locks with frizz and static.
How To Use:

Apply to hair and massage from roots to tips. Massaging time depends on hair type and thickness. Rinse out and apply the Cadiveu Professional Brasil Cacau Anti Frizz Conditioner.

Tip: For an instant shot of additional shine, moisture and shine, apply the Shine Serum or Acai Therapy Oil.