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Trinity Facial Toning Device

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If you’ve never heard of a microcurrent facial, you might be interested to know that they are often referred to as ‘natural face lifts’ – and you might be even more interested to know that you can now achieve one at home with NuFACE’s ingenious Trinity Facial Toning Device. Emitting extremely low-voltage electrical currents that mirror your body’s own electrical currents at a cellular level, this cutting-edge tool repairs damaged skin and stimulates collagen and elastic production, miraculously reducing signs of ageing. Effortlessly easy to use in as little as five minutes, you simply apply a gel primer (included), adjust the intensity and glide along your brow, cheekbone, forehead and jawline areas to lift, tone and contour. NuFACE’s clinical tests have proved that the device improves the facial contour, as well as minimizing wrinkles and leaving skin even and radiant. The rave reviews that have poured in are a testament to this device’s extraordinary efficacy – you need to see it yourself to believe it.

Step 1: Prep! Cleanse the face with an oil-free cleanser, removing any makeup oils and impurities and apply the NuFACE gel primer to the left cheek area. Apply the gel in a mask like layer so that the skin appears wet. Press the on/off button to power the device on. Press the intensity control button until you reach the maximum level. Intensity can be adjusted for comfort at any time.

Step 2: Lift! Place both spears on position one and glide to the lower ear until the beep sounds. You will hear the audible treatment timer beep every five seconds. Move to position two and glide. Move to position three and glide. Return to position one and repeat the facial lift treatment two more times. Next, apply the gel primer above the left brow. Place both spheres on position one and slowly glide to position one until the beep sounds. Move to position two and glide. Move to position three and glide. Return to position one and repeat the sequence two more times. Lift half of your face and compare the treated side of the face to the untreated side of the face, and look for skincare improvement in the brow, cheekbone, and jawline areas. Now apply the gel primer to the other side of the face and continue the facial-lift treatment as described above.

Step 3: Finish! Power off the Trinity toning device and place on the charging cradle after every skincare treatment. Remove the gel primer with a damp cloth and apply your favourite NuFACE serum or continue with your normal skin care routine. Use five minutes a day, five times a week for the first 60 days. After 60 days, use two to three times a week to maintain the results.