SEVICH Hair Wax Styling Gel Natural Shine - Hairstyle Product Medium to Hold, 3 Ounce, Hairstyle Gel for Daily Salon Use

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About this item HAIRSTYLING TOOL - Sevich's Hair Wax Style Gel. Can firm hold for a whole day in a clean and fresh state. Perfect for all kind of hair. Any type of hairstyle can be created by improving the amount of wax used. not greasiness or touch-up later. Stable quality and fragrant smell. KEEP HAIR MOISTURIZED - Our hair wax do not use harmful chemicals. All ingredients are naturally extracted and do not harm hair and scalp. Provides strong styling without damaging the hair. Very easy to clean, just wash your hair like what you do at night. NATURAL SHINE HAIR STYLE - This Hair Style Product will make your hair more shine after use, natural light shine. And Fresh and natural aroma. FRESH SMELL, EASY TO USE - Have 5 kinds of flavor, won't intense stimulation, pure fresh and natural. Can activate the Vitality of hair easily on the hair with finger, your modelling can hold a whole day. Suitable for daily use, Party, Stage Performance. QUALITY ASSURANCE - If you encounter any quality problem, please contact us immediately and we will refund you the full amount. We have 24-hour customer service to deal with your problem. At the same time, if there is any undetected allergic reaction during use, please immediately stop using it, consult your doctor and contact us.