Sevich Hair Color Spray - Grey

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Please note before use:
1- This is a one off spray hair dye
2- Please do NOT get it into eyes.
3- We suggest wearing dark clothes before dyeing.
4- It may take 2-3 times that can to be completely wash out
5- It's better to wash out the color before sleeping.
 Easy to use: Position bottle about 5-10 cm from you hair, then spray your favorite colours.
>>> Perfect for light hair 100% Suitable for gray and blonde hair. black or brown hair need to repeat several times for better result.
>>> Instantly colors hair Works great on any color hair. Easy to use at home. No salon visit needed. A great gift for your friends.

Net Weight: 30ml.
Color: 5 Colors Red, Blue, Purple, White, Grey
How To Use
1.Shake Bottle Well Before Use.
2.Choose section of hair you want to colour.
3.Position bottle about 5-10 cm from section of hair and spray colour.
4.Leave for 30 seconds and pat dry with paper towel.
5.Cover coloured section of hair with hair spray to seal the colour.
Package: 1* Hair Color Spray