Quinoa Protein Shampoo 400ml

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1. From cleansing to hair nutrition, shampoo for extremely damaged hair.
- Severely damaged hair requires intensive care with healthy ingredients and highly-concentrated nutrients.
- This product helps make the hair smooth and healthy.
2. Upgraded nutrients for extremely damaged hair with the superfood, quinoa, and LLP protein
- Upgrade your hair€™s nutrition with the rich-in-protein quinoa extract and the low-molecular protein, LPP.
- This shampoo makes the hair resilient and smooth by supplying a sufficient amount of nutrients to damaged hair with split ends and breakage.
3. Triple oil moisture care that wraps around lifted cuticles
- Oils extracted from Pracaxi, which is often called natural silicon, almonds, which are resistant to heat, and Adansonia digitate seeds,which are strong against UV rays, protect proteins that are weak against heat and smoothly wrap the surface of rough hair.
4. High-protein foam that adds nutrients while shampooing

Suggested Use
1. Take an appropriate amount of the product and evenly massage onto your wet scalp and hair.
2. The foam that is abundant in protein adds nutrients and shine to your hair.