Miracle Hair Volume Powder 4g

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100% brand new and of high quality Compact size and lightweight, easy for carry. Helps to volumizing hair roots, make a new refreshing and natural look. Quick to makes your hair become fluffy, convenient to use. Both suitable for men and women use.Volume powder that easily gives full volume to hair and has less stickiness.Easy and fast self-volume hair !Recover your hair volume by spraying and rubbingNo stickiness, No tangles, a natural sold volume hairFine powder type hair volumeThe light powder type will steadily hold the hair and maintain the hair volume for a long time without any stickinessEasy self hair volume stylingIt is a 360 degree rotating nozzle that can be sprayed easily from any angle.It creates a natural volume feeling without any tangled hair with fine spraying powder.
How to use: Spray the fixer 3-4 times on the area. Apply this to the area where you want to make volume. 1. turn the pump to a desired angle 2. Grab the volume you want to save and part the hairs 3. Spray the powder 2~3 times on the surrounding of the parted hair 4. Rubs the sprayed areas by hand and maintain the volume.
Specifications: Item name: hair volume powder Capacity: 4g Gender: unisex Shelf life: about 3 years Application: flat, thin, oily hair