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Micro Mini Bubble Makeup Sponge

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The mini beautyblender with laser focus.

Finally a tool to ensure professional-style contouring, highlighting and concealing which can easily be accomplished by a makeup novice or a makeupnista. is ¼ the size of the original beautyblender®, but grows to twice its size when wet, making it the perfect size to maneuver into small areas such as the under eye, inner eye corners, lids, brow bones, sides of the nose, top of the cheeks and acne spots.


  • The exclusive material: Super plush, moisture loving. Ensures makeup sits on the surface of sponge for smoother, more uniform blending.

  • The unique design: The original egg shape guarantees effortless blending in both small and large surface areas.

  • The look of perfect skin: 360° of edges, flawless application eliminates lines and streaks that other sponges and imitators leave behind.

  • Minimum water retention: Open-cell structure only holds what is absolutely necessary for prime application performance.

How to use

For linear highlighting use's pointed side to apply your highlighting product:

  • Down the center ridge of nose
  • Under eyebrows
  • Corners of eyes

For diffused highlighting use the round, fuller bottom to create a broader, defined effect:

  • Top of cheekbones
  • Area between temple and cheekbones
  • Ball of chin
  • Outer corners of

For sharp, controlled shaping use the small tip of with your favorite contouring product to:

  • Sculpt cheek shape
  • Sculpt nose shape
  • Chisel your jawline
  • Contour the hollow of eyes

For softer shaping use the larger, rounded end of to:

Shade the outer perimeter of your face, forehead, temples, cheeks and jaw