KEYS SOULCARE Skin Transformation Cream( 6g )

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  • Where skin care meets self-care there’s Keys Soul care, and thanks to its specialist medley of ceramides, hyaluronic acid and bakuchiol – as well as transformative malachite – the Skin Transformation Cream will refine your complexion and bolster wellbeing.

    A collaboration between Alicia Keys and board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Renée Snyder, Skin Transformation Cream is infused with intention, as well as pure, potent ingredients proven to plump and rejuvenate every complexion. Rich and replenishing, the star is bakuchiol – a plant-based alternative to retinol, that works to smooth, revitalize and fortify the skin to leave it even-toned and supple. Ceramides and water-loving hyaluronic acid then provide long-lasting hydration – dialing up the ‘dew’ to maximize your luminosity – while malachite (hailed by the Ancient Egyptians as the stone of transformation) helps to purify your skin and spirit. Marrying moisture and mindfulness, consider this a mini meditation – just recite the recommended affirmation as you work the blue-hued potion into face, neck and décolleté: “I welcome all circumstances as catalysts for change.”

    • HOW TO USE

      Using a circular motion to activate the power of transformation, gently massage into your face and neck morning and night after cleansing. For an even more transformative ritual that revitalizes your heart, soul, and skin with a deeper massage, enhanced absorption, and accelerated benefits, 

      Place the Obsidian Roller in the refrigerator a few minutes prior to rolling. 

      Gently massage the Skin Transformation Cream into your skin after cleansing. 

      After applying the cream, use the roller to gently roll upward and outward in smooth, even strokes. 

      Start by rolling from your neck to your chin. 

      Then roll from your chin to your cheeks. 

      Then roll from your cheeks to your eye area.

      Finally, roll from your eye area to your forehead.