FOUR SIGMATIC Serum With Reishi Glow ( 29.6ml )

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This luxurious oil-based Superfood Serum With Reishi from Four Sigmatic is made with real (super)food ingredients such as reishi mushroom spore oil to impart much-needed moisture and give skin a newfound glow. It’s so pure you can even eat it!

Your skin absorbs just as much as your gut. So why not go beyond food-grade or “green” skin care and take it to the next level with Four Sigmatic's completely edible skin care? This Superfood Serum With Reishi has no fillers, no plastics, no water and no non-food ingredients. Infused with organic avocado, olive fruit, jojoba seed, tocopheryl and frankincense oils, this serum grants skin covetable softness, fights redness and smoothness while helping to strengthen your skin's moisture barrier too. Meanwhile, reishi mushroom spore oil is a very concentrated source of triterpenes, and may help to calm and soothe your skin. Tsubaki seed oil (also known as camellia japonica seed oil) helps to maintain skin elasticity through procollagen synthesis

How to use: 

After cleansing, before moisturiser. AM and PM both get two pumps, right on your face.