by Dr Jart+

DR.JART+ The Mask Shaking Rubber Shot (LUMINOUS SHOT)

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Cocktail shake mask serves as a soothing modeling pack by easily shacking together double trans Booster and a soothing liquid Ampoule.
Contains Aloe extract and botanical complex to provide soothing and skin calming effect, which cools down and removes irritation from red skin.
Enhanced skin care effect compare to general sheet masks, the modelling pack mixes ampule with special components that prevents ampoule from evaporation, which allows deliver the nutrients directly into skin.
Close skin contact adhesion allows to remove dead skin when the pack is peeled off, which promotes creating soft and nutritious skin.

How to use


1. Open the cap and remove the spatula.
2. Put Agent#1 (Booster) and Agent#2 (Ampule) in the mixing container (Shaking cup), close the cap, and shake the Cup thoroughly.
3. Shack until the content turns into a cream, open the cap and apply evenly over the face, except for the eyes and mouth, using the spatula.
4. Leave for about 15 to 20 minutes until the pack turns solid, and peel it off by the edge.
5. Lightly wipe off the remains and finish with basic skin care.