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Breastmilk Storage Bags, 112 count 8oz/200ml

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A safe and convenient way for you to keep your breast milk fresh and available for your baby when needed! These upgraded Bimirth Breastmilk storage bags help you keep providing your baby with your milk, in a convenient, fast, and room-saving way.
Features: 1. 112 counts 8oz/200ml breastmilk storage bags, ideal for storing breast milk for your baby.

2. Made from BPA-FREE and Phthalates- FREE material.

3. Keep your milk FRESH for easy and convenient use.

4. Breastmilk storage bags with DOUBLE ZIPPER to prevent leaks.

5. Three convenient and easy Ways to Pour Out the Breastmilk to bottles.

6. Self- standing bottom design for easy handling

7. Can lay flat for space-efficient or stand upright for convenient refrigerator storage. 8. With Accurate measurements & Writeable places, you can know the exact volume and mark Name, Date, and Time for effective organization.

9. Reinforced sides to prevent splitting! Specification: Material: PE/PET

Package Includes 112 counts 8oz/200ml breastmilk storage bags.

Product Features and Specifications:
  • Upgraded version! Lengthened breastmilk storage bags for more space to store breastmilk! Ideal for Storing and Freezing breastmilk: Each box contains 112 counts 8oz/200ml milk storage bags.
  • Three Ways to Pour Out the Breastmilk: To unzip the bag top or to tear off the big/small easy pouring spouts at the bottom, which makes pouring speed controllable.
  • Safe & Convenient Breastmilk Storage Bags: Each bag is made of BPA-free material. Designed for your safe and instant usage.
  • Leak-proof & Self Stand Design: Each milk storage bag is with a double zipper to make it leak-proof, and designed with a no-spill self-standing bottom. You can store the milk easily and conveniently in the refrigerator.
  • Accurate Measurement Lines & Writeable Place: Optimized measurement line with more accuracy and a writable place for you to mark details on easily.