BATISTE-Dry Shampoo Blush Floral & Flirty 50ML

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Bursting with fabulous fragrance that lasts all day, Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo is perfect to use between washes for instant hair refreshment. The essence of femininity, Blush is the floral, flirty way to turn heads. A few quick sprays instantly leaves hair feeling clean, fresh and full of body and texture.



Step 1: ShakeWoman showing how to use dry shampoo.
Shake it up, baby. Before using and between sprays. The more you shake, the better. This step is key to preventing white residue.

Step 2: SprayWoman spraying dry shampoo bottle.
Separate your hair into sections, hold the bottle 12€ away, and spray into your roots. Use a little or a lot €” it just depends on what you need. P.S. Don€™t forget the back of your head.

Step 3: MassageWoman putting hands in hair.
Get in there! Use your fingertips, to massage Batiste into your hair. Leave in for a minute while Batiste works its magic. Use this time to finish getting ready €” or stare into space.

Step 4: StyleWoman post-styling her hair with dry shampoo.
Brush, comb, or tease (whatever your hair needs), style, and get going €” and maybe one last spray for good luck.